Does it cost money to attend the movies? Yes, tickets are $10.00 for each movie that allows for entrance into the movie area.

Is food included with the ticket? No.  You will be able to order and pay for food through the host restaurant each night.

How will we order food? Each restaurant will have waitstaff that will visit your table to take your order.

Will alcohol be available? Yes, patrons over the age of 21, with a valid ID will be able to order alcohol, beer or wine.

When will food/drink service stop? Each night, table service will stop at 10:00 to allow restaurants to “cash out” all the tables.  After 10, a cash bar is available.

Do I have to order food? We strongly encourage to be prepared to order food to enjoy the entire experience. After all, it is the Dinner & Movie Series!

Where can I park? Parking is free in downtown  After 7:00. Please See the parking page here:  DOVER PARKING

Can I order from the the non-host restaurant?  No.  Each night, one restaurant will be the exclusive and sole host.

Where are the restrooms located? The restrooms are located inside the host restaurant the night of each show.

Is the series ADA/ handicap accessible? Yes, the series and access to restrooms are all ADA compliant.

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